Birthday Invitations

Is anyone celebrating another year of their Birthday?. No matter whatever age, celebrate your day by sending perfect Birthday Invitations from inviter. Browse wide variety of great video invitation templates created by Inviter designer team right from 1st birthday to milestone birthday's to create  video invite for your guests and dear ones.

If your celebrating your kids birthday bash, decide on a party theme to make it even more fun and memorable for all the kids. Inviter provides with creative Themed Birthday Invitations like Princess Theme Invitations, Unicorn themed Invitations, Car themed Invitations, Farm themed Invitations, Mustache theme Invitations, Spider-man themed invitations, and many other different themed video invitations.  Pick a theme that suits your birthday party and make it even more fun. With Inviter You can create invitations in few minutes with your own visual images and music.

Birthday Video Invitation

How to Create Online Birthday Invitations on Mobile with Birthday Video Maker?

Inviter is very easy to use App and convenient  to create Birthday Party Invitations . Inviter helps you to create a HD Quality Custom Birthday Invitations on mobile with your recent Visual Images and music of our personal interest in a few minutes. You can send Invites to guests on WhatsApp and other social media Platforms. Reach out the Google Play Store on your android mobile and type Inviter or Video Invitation maker. Download the Birthday Video app and start creating a Personalized  Birthday Invitation on your own.

How to make kids Birthday Invitations in 5 Steps With Inviter Birthday Invitation Templates

  1. Pick a Birthday party Invitation Template designs from Online Invitation Maker of inviter.
  2. Upload your photos and add music of your choice or use the default music file.
  3. Personalize your Custom Birthday Invitation  by changing text, and details  like Date, Time and Venue.
  4. Preview the Video Invitation to verify all details and pictures are shown correctly.
  5. Download HD Video and share your video on social media, via WhatsApp Email and SMS.
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How to Create First Birthday Invitation With Inviter

In a few simple steps, we can design a memorable Surprise Birthday Party Invitations Birthday with Invitation maker of Inviter to impress your guests and dear ones.

  1. Sign up/Pick:              

Register your account with the website ( Pick a Video Invitation template.

2. Upload Your Recent Photos/Give Birthday Event  Details / Upload Music :

Once you picked the Video Template, the next step is to upload the recent images of your interest. In each Birthday Video template, it shows how many photos or images you can upload. An opting premium video template allows you to upload more photos.  Zoom, rotate options are there to make changes to images.

Giving Birthday Celebration Event Details is the next important task like Date, Venue and Time.  After Giving Birthday event details, either you can Upload a your favorite music file of your interest or you can use the default audio file given to you.

3. Preview Video:

The last step in the process is, you can click on the Preview, and we will generate a low-quality quick Video for you to look over the video with an Inviter watermark. No worries, this is just a preview for you to make sure you have the Event details entered properly, the images are fitting in properly and they are where they want to be.

4. Create Video / Share:

Once you set with the preview, click on create final HD Quality video ,It will take you to the payment screen. Once the Final payment is done, download final HD quality Video and share with your friends and dear ones through WhatsApp, Email, SMS and other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and others.