Birthday Video Templates

Everyone in this world has a great day? Any guess?  Yes!  It is the day they are born, that's Birthday. For everyone birthday comes once in a year. Everyone wants to celebrate that memorable day. Let us start inviting friends by sending an extraordinary invitation. Inviter provides a ready to use birthday video templates to create invitations in few minutes.

Birthdays are really joyful, exciting and special for kids and parents. It can be also yours or your loved ones. Invitations convey a message. Do not think of any paper invitations. Now everything is digitized. Inviter has a lot of digital birthday video templates to create invitations in less time. Birthday invitation can be shared online with your friends and family members. Kids are really attracted to different characters and themes like princess, animated animals, balloons etc. Inviter provides some of these theme-based birthday templates which can be used and processed in few minutes. Invitations are created in a few minutes and can be shared online.

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Princess Themed Birthday Video Invitation

How to Create Birthday Video Invitations?

Go to google play store from your Android and download the Inviter app. Register yourself if you are not a member. Choose Birthday from categories. There will be a wide variety of templates which can be readily used.

  1. Pick a template of your choice and edit.
  2. Add great images and edit if you need to crop them.
  3. Enter the Event Details like Venue, Date and Time.
  4. Music is essential for a party. feel free to upload a music that sets your mood. If not choose the default music provided by Inviter.
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How to Use Video Templates For Birthday Invitations?

In Simple  steps and in few minutes or less you can create a Birthday Video Invitation using Inviter Birthday Video templates.

Pick a Birthday Video Template

After registering, in the app (URL), Pick a Birthday Video Invitation Template. We have a variety of Video Templates like 1st birthday Video template, Mustache Birthday invitation template, space balloon template, princess theme for girls, Video Template for 10th birthday so on and so forth.

Upload Photos and Enter Event Details / Upload Music

Now that you picked the Birthday Video Template, the next step is to upload the images. In each template, it shows how many photos you can upload. Choosing of premium template help you to Upload more Images, and if you like to Zoom, rotate or crop etc. we do have cropping opportunities right in the editor.

Entering Event Details is the next important task. After entering event details, either you can Upload (requires .MP3 format) a music file or you can use the default music file we have given you. If required you can also edit text description or use the default text of the video.

Preview Video and Create a Final HD Quality Video

The last step in the process is, you can click on the Preview, and we will generate a low-quality quick Video for you to review with an Inviter watermark. Don't worry, this is just a preview for you to make sure you have the Event details entered properly, the images are fitting in properly and they are where they want to be.

Preview won't take more than a minute. Once the preview is completed, click on "Create HD Video", that will take you to the payment screen if it's a Premium Video Template.Make the required payment and create HD video.

Share Video

You have an option Guest list. If you click on that, it will take you to the window where u can list all the names and their Email Ids with whom you want to share it. Once the video is created its ready to share your invite with guests.