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With inviter, you can create an impressive invitation for half saree ceremony with RSVP in a few minutes. India is famous for its rich traditions and customs. We as Indians follow some religious rituals for every occasion in life in a meaningful way. One of the important rituals in south India is half saree. It is called as Langa voni in Telugu, pavadai davani in Tamil or Langa davani in Kannada.

Every girl has to undergo the transition from childhood to adulthood. Half saree ceremony is celebrated when the girl reaches her adulthood or puberty. It is usually performed when the girl is at the age of 9,11 or 13. This transition from childhood to adulthood is celebrated by calling extended family members and other friends to bless the girl. At the beginning of the ceremony, usually, girl sits wearing a traditional attire. The first part of the ceremony is started by gifting a Langa voni by her uncle (Mama) or by maternal parents. In the second part of her ceremony, she is gifted with a saree by paternal parents. She needs to wear it for the entire second part of the ceremony. Half saree is the ceremony celebrated for coming

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What to do to Create a Half Saree Video Invitation With RSVP?

1.Registration: To create a video invitation register an account with the website (inviter.com) or with the app. click on my events and start creating an event.

2. Pick a Half saree online video invitation template:

Search for half saree video templates, select it and personalize.

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Now that you picked the Half saree Video Invitation Template, the next step is to upload your own photo or video with music. You also have an option of selecting the video from my video library.

4.Entering Event Details:

Need to enter required event details like event title, event type, Name of person   who is hosting the event, start date and end date of the event, start time and end time of the event, the location of the event, possible attire for the guests and give a proper description of the event.

5.Enter possible event settings:

If the invitation is with RSVP, choose the possible event settings and add a poll question to guests.

6.Preview Video and Create a Final HD Quality Video or photo invitation:

click on the Preview, and we will generate a low-quality quick Video or photo for you to review. Don't worry, this is just a preview for you to make sure you have the Event details entered properly. If you are good with your preview, save the event and click on finish and send button. Finally, your event is created.

7.What if you don't have guest emails:

If u don't have a guest email, just send the event invitation through social media networks.

8.If you have a guest email:

If u have guest emails click on my events, you can manage guests, events and RSVP report from here.

9.Manage guests:

click on invite guests, add all your guest email ids and invite them. Inviter allows only 10 guest email id. If u have more than u need pay and buy. You can also share the event through what's an app or other social media networks.

10.Manage Events:

You can view, edit and cancel the event from here. If you want you to resend the invitation who messaged RSVP as Yes.

11.Manage RSVP:

RSVP report gives the complete details of the guest list who has replied yes or no or maybe and no reply to RSVP.