Invitation Video Maker

Invitation Video Maker

Invitation Video makers do an effective and exciting way of inviting guests for various events. Viewers retain 90% of a message when they watch a video compared to 10% when reading it in a text. So, if you do not want to be bothered by incoming phone calls from your guests inquiring about the event details, in case if they loose the paper invitation cards, the best way is to use an online invitation video maker.

Inviting Guests in the Past and Present

Preparing for a big event is a very challenging and exciting event. Bride and groom will be busy for weeks and even months selecting engagement venue, Wedding related shopping, Wedding venue selection, deciding catering menu for the big day and so on. But the most important aspect of wedding starts with finalizing and distributing invitations as soon as possible so that the guests can Save the Date and mark their calendars. It is true for any other events like Baby Shower, Birthday Party etc.

In past Bride and Groom or their family members used to visit guests home and personally distribute the invitations for weddings. For Baby showers and Birthday Parties, we used to print the cards and distribute to the guests. However, over time with the industrialization, family and friends are all over the country or even in various continents and distributing or posting invitation cards is simply impossible or even within a city it is becoming tedious.

So, what can we do? Well, you can always consider to send the digital Invitation Videos to invite your guests for any events you are planning. Video Invitations are fun, personalized as you wish. Creating Video Invitations before was a very time taking and challenging task especially if you are not a computer savvy user. Inviter Invitation Video Maker helps you to create Video Invitations in less than 10 minutes as long as you either have a desktop/ Laptop computer or a smart phone.  It's super easy and fun to use the Invitation Video Maker to create Video Invitations for various events.

Choose a Perfect Invitation Video Maker.

You can personalize the birthday video invitation or any other video invitation by using our website or Android application in three simple steps. Start creating your invitation following these steps.

Sign Up to Inviter Video Maker

Register in website with your email Id and enter required details.

Choose the Video Invitation Template

Click on create a video, choose any category and select the template of your choice. Inviter has free Invitations as well as premium video invitations where you can choose from.

Enter Invitation Event Details or Text

Enter the details of the event invitation like date, time and venue

Upload Your own Images and Music

You can upload your own images and the music you music you want to add to your birthday invitation video or else you can go with the default music if you like.

Preview, Download HD video and share in WhatsApp

Preview your invitation video before you download and share it. make changes if necessary. Download it in HD quality and share it in WhatsApp and social media platforms.

Create video invitations using your mobile within no time. Download Inviter android application from Google play store, sign in and follow the same steps above.

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