Kitty Party Invitation

Kitty parties are those when a group of friends get together to chat, play fun games and enjoy good food. When you are planning to host a kitty party make proper arrangements for guests in such a way, they never forget the kitty party. Plan out to send a exciting kitty party Invitation to your  guests. Video Invitations are cost effective and Eco-Friendly invites in modern days. Instead of messaging or calling guest for the party, plan to send a creative kitty party video invitation online.

No prior knowledge is needed to create kitty party video invite, Inviter has impressive templates to create customized kitty party invitation online with HD quality in few minutes with your own photos and music. You can send the video invite to guest with one click.

Kitty party invitation

How to Create an Invitation on mobile with Kitty Party Invitation video maker?

With the help of Video Invitation Maker of Inviter, you can create a Kitty Party Video on your mobile. Go to google play store from your Android and download the Inviter app or Video Invitation maker. Register yourself if you are not a member. Choose an event Kitty party from categories.

  1. Pick a kitty Party Invitation template of your choice and edit to make a special Kitty party Video invitation .
  2. Add images and music needed to Kitty party Invitation on WhatsApp zooming and cropping options are available to make edit the images if needed.
  3. Enter the Event or text Details like Venue, Date and Time in the Funny  Invitation for Kitty party.
  4. Music is essential for an invitation. Feel free to upload music that sets your interest. If not choose the default music provided by Inviter.
  5. Share your Kitty Party Invitation Message in WhatsApp to all the guests.
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Let's Create a Ladys Kitty Party invitation

  1. Sign up and Pick a Template :            

Register your account with the website ( Pick a Video Invitation template of your Choice.

2. Upload Photos and Enter Event text Details / Upload Music :

Once you picked the a Kitty Party Invitation Template , the next step is to upload the images. Entering Event Details is the next important task like Date, Venue and Time. After entering event details, Upload a music file of your interest or choose the default one.

3. Preview Video:

The last step in the process is, you can click on the Preview, and we will generate a low-quality quick Kitty Party Video. This is just a preview to make sure you have given Event details properly and images are fitting in Properly.

4. Create a Final HD Quality Video and  Share:

Once you set with the preview,click on create final HD Quality video, make the required payment and download final HD quality Video of the  Invitation for Ladies Kitty party and share with your friends and dear ones through WhatsApp, Email, SMS and other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and others.