Punjabi Wedding Invitation

Punjabi Wedding Invitation Sample Video 

Marriages are the most grandly celebrated occasion in India. It is coming together of two souls, and two families. A wedding brings a lot of people together for celebrations with different ceremonies. The ceremonies, traditions, and culture vary from religions and regions. Generally, we’ll be excited to know about other cultures and the way they celebrate their occasions. So, here you can know about the Punjabi wedding traditions.

Punjabi ’s are well known for their costliest weddings with many ceremonies. When the couple commits to entering into wedlock, then Ardaas(Balmiki ritual performed in the ashram in front of community service) is said and gifts are exchanged.

Punjabi Wedding Rituals

The pre-wedding rituals - Roka, chunni ceremony, sagai, mehendi, sangeet, Kangna bandhana ceremony, chooda chadhana, kalide ceremony, Haldi ceremony, ghara ghardoli.

Wedding rituals - agwaani and milni, varmala or jaimala, kanyadaan, mangal phere, lajahom, sindoor daan, joota chupai.

Post-wedding rituals - vidaai, pani bharna, mooh dikhai ki rasm, grand reception party.

Wedding includes a lot of hard work to manage and to arrange things in a proper way at right time. For every occasion, both families have to invite the guests to come and bless their children. It is a complicated work to get print invitations for every occasion and send it to guests.

The process consumes lots of time and may be expensive too. E-invites are quite popular nowadays and eco-friendly and can also save time.

Inviter helps you to create e-invites in 3 easy and simple steps. You can turn your photos into a personalized Punjabi wedding invitation with music and get RSVP tracking info. Follow the steps below to create a wedding video invitation.

How to Create a Punjabi Wedding Invitation?

Sign Up to Inviter Video Maker

Register in inviter.com website with your email Id and required details or if you already registered login to the inviter.

Choose Video Invitation Template

Click on create video in my videos, choose wedding category and select the template of your choice.you can also try the premium templates by paying a certain amount for the template.

Enter Invitation Event Details or Text

Enter the details of the wedding invitation like date, time and venue

Upload Your own Images and Music

You can only choose 3 images in inviter for creating a video. select the images and music you want to add to your wedding invitation video or else you can go with the default music if you wish to.

Preview, Download HD video and share in WhatsApp

Preview your Punjabi wedding invitation video before you download and share it. make changes if necessary. Download it in HD quality and share it in WhatsApp and social media platforms.

You can also create your Punjabi wedding invitation in our Android app by downloading it from google play store. Follow the same steps above to create video invitation

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