Save the Date Video Maker

With a save the date video maker we can create pre-invitation for any event.When you send save the date video invitations to guests, friends, and family members, it is for sure that you are invited for their upcoming wedding event. Save the date invitations help in organizing the wedding properly. No ceremony can be without guests. Save the date video invitations help them to block their calendar before some other events coming up. Save the date is nothing but spreading the news of wedding time and ceremony with near and dear ones whom you want them to attend the wedding party.

Before video invitations were used, most of them used to buy save the date postcard. This post card is like a pre-invitation for the wedding event. The card contains the details of date, time and location of the wedding event. It is an intimation for them to be in touch in the future with more details. Buying the cards, printing, and sending takes a long time. With save the date video maker the Personalized invitation can be made in a few minutes. It’s quick and easy with Inviter.

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Save the Date Video Invitation

Save the date Wedding Invitation Video

For the ease of use, we have created an Android app. You can search in the Google Play Store “Video Invitation Maker” or in Inviter simply click below link to download the app. You can learn more about the save the date wedding invitation Video Maker App here.

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What to do to Create Save the Date Online Invitations With Music

1) Need some great images of your engagement.

2) Event Details: Venue, Date and Time

3) Choose your own favorite musical background, if not no issues our built-in video templates come with default musical file.

Let us not wait to create a save the date online video invitation

With a few simple steps and in a few minutes, you can create an invitation with save the date video maker. It’s a mobile-friendly if you want to create an invitation using your android. The process is the same for App and Website.

1.   Pick a save the date Template              

Register your account either with the website ( or with the app. Pick save the date video invitation template.

2. Upload Photos and Enter Event Details / Upload Music

Now that you picked the Save the Video Template, the next step is to upload the images. In each template, it shows how many images you can upload. Upload the photos, and if you like to Zoom, rotate etc. we do have cropping opportunities right in the editor.

Entering Event Details is the next important task. After entering event details, either you can Upload a music file of your personal interest or you can use the default audio file we have given you.

3. Preview Video and Create a Final HD Quality Video

The last step in the process is, you can click on the Preview, and we will generate a low-quality quick Video for you to review with an Inviter watermark. Don’t worry, this is just a preview for you to make sure you have the Event details entered properly, the images are fitting in properly and they are where they want to be.