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Upanayanam is a sacred traditional Hindu ritual performed only by specific upper- class communities like Brahmans(priests and teachers), Kshatriya's( warriors and rulers) and Vaishyas(Merchant and tradesmen). Upanayanam sometimes known by a different name called, "sacred thread ceremony". Upanayanam ceremony includes the wearing of Yajnopavitam (sacred thread) on the body. In the ceremony the Initiation process is given by the guru to learn powerful Gayatri Mantra to the boy. Usually, upanayanam is performed at the age of eight. This ceremony is performed by inviting priests, family members and dear ones. Inviter helps in creating amazing upanayanam video Invitations online with RSVP tracking.

The Boy was given three strands of the sacred thread  during the ceremony, which need to be worn on his body. It represents three promises he makes, to respect the knowledge, the parents and the society. One who wears the sacred thread should be pure in his thoughts, speak good words and do good deeds.

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A Sample Upanayanam Video Invitation:

Upanayanam Video Invitation

How to Create Video Invitation With Thread ceremony Invitation Template?

With simple steps and in a few Minutes You can Create a traditional impressive Upanayanam Invitation .

1.Sign Up/ Register an Account with Inviter :

Go to website(inviter.com) and create an account with inviter.  click on my events and start creating an event.

2. Pick a Upanayanam Invitation Template:

Search for Upanayanam Ceremony template,select it and start editing.You have an option of choosing colored templates of your interest.

3. Upload Video/Photos or Select from Media Library :

once you pick the Upanayanam Video  Template, the next step is to upload your own video or photo with music. You also have an option of selecting the video from my video library.

4.Entering Event Details:

Need to enter required event details like event title, event type, Name of person   who is hosting the event, start date and end date of the event, start time and end time of the event, the location of the event, possible attire for the guests and give a proper description of the event.

5.Enter possible Event Settings:

If the Invitation is with RSVP, choose the possible event settings by selecting the possible options that suits for inviting your guests. You also have an option to add a poll question to guests by giving options. Photo library helps you to upload event photos. You have an option to customize guest page as per your requirement.

6.Preview and save the Event Video and Create a Final HD Quality Video or Photo Invitation:

Click on the Preview, and we will generate a low-quality quick Video or photo for you to review.  Preview helps you to make sure, you have the all Event details entered properly and images are properly fit. If you are set with your preview, save the event and click on finish and send button,It helps you to create final HD quality Video and ready to send it your guests.